top rated charities to donate

top rated charities to donate

When you care about making a difference in the world, it’s natural to ask: “Where can my donations do the most good?”

The great news is that we live in unprecedented times where your donations can do an astonishing amount of good.

However, not all giving opportunities are equal: depending on where you choose to give, your impact can vary by orders of magnitude.

How to Donate Effectively

1. Identify a promising cause to support. We find that the most promising problems are generally:

  • Bigger (i.e., they strongly impact many lives)
  • More tractable (i.e., there are clear and practical ways of making progress)
  • Less crowded (i.e., they are still in need of more funding and support)

2. Find which charity is working most effectively to support the cause: Indicators of reputable, worthwhile organisations include: reliance on evidence, cost-effectiveness, transparency, room for funding, and track record.

3. Pick an efficient way to donate: Try getting your donation matched by your employer, salary sacrifice your donations, set up a recurring donation, use a local grantmaking organisation, or donate using a fund.

Cause and charity selection can take a lot of time and effort, and many donors aren’t able to work it into their busy schedules. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of trustworthy, effective charities working on some of the most pressing causes.

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It can be valuable to do your own research to find the most worthwhile giving opportunities. If you’re going to do your own research, consider how much time to invest given (a) how much you’re giving; and (b) how much you might give in the future. If you’re giving a lot — now or in the future — it can be worth investing significant time.

If you’re donating to individual charities, we also recommend: (i) discussing your options with other people interested in effective giving as a community to charities.

Our recommended charities work on a range of causes. Some use established, evidence-based strategies and some use strategies that are more innovative or speculative (but potentially higher impact).

We recommend donating to the following high-impact charities, and we regularly update this list. These highly effective charities are selected in collaboration with our evaluation partners and Effective Altruism Funds. You can also use the Effective Altruism Funds platform to donate directly to most of these organisations.