Places to donate clothes for the needy

Places to donate clothes for the needy

Where to Donate Used or Old Clothes to Charity

I have a bad habit of buying clothes and never wearing them, or buying something specifically for one occasion and never wearing it again. As a result, I always seem to have a closet stuffed with clothing in great condition that I know I’ll never wear.

While I could sell on eBay or sell on Craigslist, I don’t have the patience for everything involved in online sales. I’d rather gather up all of my unwanted clothes and drop them off at a charity once a year. In addition to providing people in need with some very nice, gently used clothing, I also receive tax deductions for donations. So really, I still get something out of my unwanted clothes.

Where to Donate Online

You can donate clothes online on our website through momentary donation or shipping them to our head office in Nairobi, Kenya. The clothes you donate goes along way to help and support vulnerable families in Africa.

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Where to Donate Locally

Donate clothes to Local Churches
Most churches accept many different types of donations, including clothing. Often, the clothing is given to other church members. For example, a church in my area recently hosted a clothing drive for a family that lost all their belongings in a house fire. Contact local churches in your area for more information.

Donate clothes to Community Outreach Centers
Community outreach centers often accept clothing donations, and any clothing you donate will be given to a needy family in your area. For example, my local community outreach center does an annual clothing drive to collect school uniforms, coats, and play clothes for low-income kids in my area. Some community outreach centers also take book donations as well.