How to Donate School Supplies to Africa?

How to Donate School Supplies to Africa?

How to Donate School Supplies to Africa?

Education is every child’s right. Additionally, education should be of quality with all the learning facilities needed to help children. Unfortunately, some vulnerable communities in Africa can hardly afford these educational services due to natural calamities and problems in Africa.

In places where education is available, it is done under extreme conditions such as under trees or in schools with inadequate classrooms. Other school supplies such as books or desks are also a problem in such areas.

As a result, many children opt to drop out as it is almost impossible for them to afford the good life that they would love to. This later leads to other problems such as early marriages and early pregnancies, not to mention extending the poverty chain.

For this reason, when you donate school supplies to Africa, you help a child have a brighter future. Your contribution will help ensure that these children have what they need to do their schoolwork, thus preparing them for lifelong success in their lives.

When you support education projects in Africa, you will change the life of a needy child and, in some cases, the whole class or school. Whether the donations are new or slightly used, they help change the lives of many children who have probably lost hope of successful education.

Some of The School Items That You Can Donate Are Such as:

  • Pens and pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Solar lights to help in case there are no natural lights.
  • School bags
  • Reams of paper
  • Pocket dictionaries
  • Non-electric pencil sharpeners
  • Calculators
  • Graph papers

In the case of books, you can send general reading books for children such as storybooks or novels. Considering that book needs may vary in Africa, avoid sending random or single textbooks.

Instead, donate textbooks in groups, for instance, more than 20 books of the same kind. Monetary donations are also accepted as they also help reduce shipping costs.

Donate Branded School Books to Africa

Branded or promotional items such as those with company logos are also acceptable for donations.

You can use a platform such as GivetoAfrica, a charitable organization that helps reach out to such needy children. After you send your donations to us, we ensure that all needy and vulnerable children get them and fulfill their right to education.

You can also support education projects in Africa, such as helping in the building of classrooms or other necessities such as washrooms, among others.

As the donations that you make continue to change lives, you will see the effects of your generosity through the updates that you get quarterly.

Every child has a right to a good education. Unfortunately, not all parents can afford this, making it impossible for their children to enjoy a right to a good education.

When you donate school supplies to Africa as they are mentioned above, you will make the life of a child brighter by giving them a chance to the much-needed education. Contact us and get more information on how to donate school suppliers to Africa.