Help Save Children in Kenya-Africa

Help Save Children in Kenya-Africa

Help Save Children in Kenya-Africa

Kenya is one of Africa’s most developed countries — it is also one of the most unequal. More than 43% of people in Kenya — many of them children — live in poverty. The current, devastating food crisis is forcing families who depend on livestock for their livelihoods continue to migrate in search of food and water. The situation is growing worse by the day, and many children risk losing their lives.

How to Help Children in Africa

Children in Africa are facing extreme hunger and a devastating food crisis. In Kenya, an ongoing drought has killed crops and livestock. Millions of hungry children need food to survive. Save the Children’s health and nutrition teams are supporting children’s nutrition in rehabilitation centers. What’s more, we’re providing much-needed nutritional support for pregnant and nursing mothers. The situation is growing worse by the day – if we don’t act now, many children risk losing their lives. You can help children in Kenya and throughout drought-ravaged Africa.

How Give to Africa, Help Children

Our teams are training health workers to identify and treat children for malnutrition and are providing infant- and child-feeding programs to mothers. We have rolled out screenings for malnutrition, reaching over 19,000 children five years old and younger, and more than 10,000 pregnant women.

Your Donations goes a long way to help vulnerable families and children in Africa.

Education For African Children

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Across sub-Saharan Africa, children are not receiving the education they deserve.

Without classrooms they are forced to study under trees. Without clean water and toilets they get ill and miss school, and girls are unable to deal with their periods with dignity.

When you donate to GivetoAfrica, you directly support our work with remote and rural school communities across Kenya and Uganda. You help us ensure that vulnerable children get the right infrastructure, teaching and family support so they can get the most from their time at school and go on to lead productive, healthy and happy lives.

We believe in the power of education to help end poverty. But, without the dedicated support of people just like you, we couldn’t deliver our vital work that fights inequality.

Donate to help children in Africa now. It could be the most powerful thing you do today.