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In Sub Saharan Africa, 22 million people live with HIV/AIDS, one child in five dies from malaria, one woman in sixteen dies during pregnancy or childbirth, and there are 750 thousand new cases of tuberculosis every year. Aid for Africa members are working to reduce HIV rates, protect mothers and children, provide medical supplies, and much more.

In Tanzania, some 14,000 women die annually during pregnancy and in child birth. Prenatal care that includes ultrasound would dramatically reduce this number. Ultrasound and other radiology equipment is also important for monitoring general health issues and critical in cardiac health care.

But ultrasound and other radiology equipment and technicians trained to use it are rare in the county. In 2014 there were 12 radiologists serving Tanzania’s population of 49.2 million individuals.

The East Africa Medical Assistance Foundation supports radiology services in Tanzania at the Kilimanjaro School of Radiology, which trains assistant medical officers and other health care professionals in radiology, and the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center, a 500-bed teaching hospital at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania, where medical doctors receive training.

The foundation funds a radiology training program, provides radiology equipment including portable ultrasound machines and manages a volunteer teaching program for U.S.- and European-based radiologists. More than 100 medical technicians have graduated from the training program and now provide services throughout Tanzania.

But Tanzania and other East African countries need more radiologists and medical technicians and the East Africa Medical Assistance Foundation is committed to expanding the training programs in Moshi and to ensure that more equipment is available for program graduates.