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Donating to Africa

A one-time donation to Give to Africa helps support the work of all our member charities. You can also donate to one of our member charities directly by clicking on projects from causes menu.

What organizations help Africa?

Give to Africa is one of the organization in Africa that help Africans in all the 54 countries. If you are looking to projects to donate to, you can head over to our causes tab and view what we are currently doing.

Community Based Education for East Africa

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We believe that no child should be forced to study outside, or in a dangerous environment. With access to a good education, children can escape poverty

How we support schools

Across rural Africa, many children have to choose between getting an education and being safe. Without classrooms, they are forced to study under trees, in all weather. They are exposed to the elements, distracted, and unable to learn. For those who do have some shelter, it is often unstable, with holes in the ceiling that let the rain in, leaving children cold and wet, and ruining their work.

Brenda’s Story

Brenda is from Kenya. She was forced to study in an unsafe classroom, which had holes in the roof.

“We would study under the trees or in unsafe classrooms. Since my school had almost no desks, it prevented many of us from concentrating in class.”

Brenda and her classmates were exposed to the elements.

Intense sun, or violent rain, would disrupt lessons and make it impossible for children to learn.

GivetoAfrica have built a classroom block with offices, staff rooms, a store and a library so children can learn in a safe and productive environment.