Best Place to Donate sports equipment to Africa

How to Donate sports equipment to Africa

Where can I donate sports equipment in Africa? If you are looking to donate sports equipment in Africa, there are available options for you. There are many sport talented Africans, especially young people, that do lack the proper equipment to develop their talents. Many young Africans despite their unique sport capabilities do not have access to most of the sport equipment unique to their sports. The available equipment may not be enough for the highly populated Africa, with most of its population being the youths.

Africa has sports areas that an unexplored such as gymnastics, cricket, and other sports popular in developed countries, simply because of lack of the enough equipment.

If you want to donate to Africa, there are 5 key areas that you can look into.

  1. Public primary schools.

The public schools in Africa attract large number of pupils. The schools/parents may not have the financial power to purchase enough sports equipment to serve the entire school population. The school has given the basic equipment to affordable sports such as football leaving other sport areas unexplored. The school has students talented in areas such as football, basketball, volley ball, cricket and gymnastics. However, due to limitation in funds to purchase the right equipment, their abilities and talents are left unexplored.

Donating sports equipment to a public school in Africa is transparent and efficient. It gives the opportunity to many young Africans to pursue their co-curriculum activities alongside their studies.

  • Informal settlements/ slums.

Over the recent years rural-urban migration has grown in huge percentages in Africa. Since not every family can afford decent housing, the number of people living in slums has grown significantly. There are talented kids who live in the slums who may not have the luxury to afford sports equipment to explore their talents.

Young people living in slums are often exposed to society risks such as crime, drugs and sexual exploitation. Donating sport equipment to the slum dwelling youths is a way of saving them form the harsh social conditions that they are often exposed to. Sports would give them a chance to explore their talents and an opportunity to escape the slums if well nurtured.

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  • Orphanages.

Several children orphanages have been built in Africa to children who have lost parents or those that have been neglected by their families. Orphanages will only have the financial strength to offer the most basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and education. Donating sports equipment to orphanages will help the running management to offer something different to the children, by exploring their sports talent and abilities.

  • Special schools.

Disability in not inability. Special sports equipment may be expensive and most special schools in Africa do not have the financial power to purchase them. Young people in special school facilities are left out of sport activities in Africa due to the lack of special sport equipment. Donating to a special school in Africa will give the special people an opportunity to develop their talents and take up competitive places in sports. It is also a great boost of their confidence.

  • African villages/ rural Areas.

Most of the African population live in the rural areas. Young people living in rural areas do not have access to a variety of sports equipment. There are young people talented in different sports but lack the equipment to develop the talents. Donating to an African village will give the young people the opportunity to have the same access to quality sports equipment as their counterparts living in urban areas.

Donate sports equipment to Africa

Your equipments donations are highly appreciated in Africa.