Best Charity watch – car donation

Best Charity watch – car donation

Best car donation near me

You’ve probably seen the ads: Donate your old car to charity, help out a good cause and get a tax write-off. It sounds simple, but experts say consumers must do their research before handing over the keys so they don’t get taken for a ride.

If you want to get an unwanted vehicle off your hands while helping families, kids, or animals in need, here are three steps you can take to ensure your donation does as much good as possible in Africa.

3 Ways to Make a car donation – Charity watch

1. Donate directly to a charity.

The ideal way to donate a car is to find an organization that can use the vehicle in their programs, that’s why at Give to Africa we ensure your gift goes to the right NGOs and CBOs in Africa.

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2. Make sure the organization has a good reputation.

Check out the charity, just the same as if you were donating money to a nonprofit. We ensure that all NGO’s in our database are fully vetted to ensure donors’ funds are protected and used correctly. Thus when you donate, we give you an account of how your funds are used.

3.Transfer the car properly.

Since most countries in Africa are either right-hand drive or left-hand drive. We normally advocate our donors to sell the car and donate the proceeds of the sales as donations, so as to facilitate the NGOs to buy the car or vehicle they need.

Finally, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a reputable charity that will accept your car, consider selling the car yourself and donating the money, Borochoff says. If you do that, “a lot more of the money would go to charity,” he says.

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