Best Charities to donate to during coronavirus

Rated organizations addressing the needs of communities impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Trustworthy charities to donate to during coronavirus in Africa.

More than a year after the World Health Organization classified the coronavirus outbreak as a global health emergency, on May 2, 2021, it was reported that the average for new cases of COVID-19 worldwide was higher than any other time during the pandemic. 

Although vaccines have been released in many countries, new cases have skyrocketed making scenes in countries like India, Brazil, Turkey, and Iran, catastrophic.   

charities to donate to during coronavirus
charities to donate to during coronavirus

At issue are economic constraints, inadequate supply of testing kits and vaccines, lack of infrastructure and insufficient, qualified medical personnel to administer vaccinations, among others. 

Adding to the challenge are new, deadlier variants of the virus that are difficult to contain and treat.    We encourage donor support of the highly-rated nonprofits presented on cause page. These organizations have created funds to support communities in Africa and around the world affected by the outbreak. 

Covid-19 Relief Fund for Africa-Protect our Slums

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Develops and supports local leaders, catalyzes positive change and alleviates poverty in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Driven by local needs, our programs advance health, education, ethnic cooperation, gender equality and economic development.

The Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, is a microcosm of many of the world’s most challenging issues — poverty, poor health care, ethnic conflict, water shortage, HIV/AIDS, and lack of women’s rights. With more than 700,000 residents, Kibera is one of the most densely populated urban settlements in the world and east Africa’s largest slum.

We believe that solutions to poverty are best realized when those affected by it drive change. Outsiders can help by mobilizing people, advising, networking, and providing resources. Ultimately, however, the community has the knowledge and the motivation necessary to solve problems.

We also work to improve basic healthcare, sanitation, and education. GivetoAfrica saves lives, prevents ethnic and religious violence, and creates opportunities in a place that outsiders often cast away as hopeless.

Serving as a model for holistic, community-based urban development worldwide, GivetoAfrica has helped grassroots organizations develop youth-based programs in six other nations and dozens of communities in Kenya. We envision a world where the poor have a voice in their futures and opportunities for healthy growth.