Best Car donation programs for nonprofits

Best Car donation programs for nonprofits

Car donation Programs – Give to Africa

Did you Know Give to Africa has a Car donation programs, where you are able to giveaway no-longer-wanted automobiles or other vehicles to charitable organizations all across Africa, in terms of monetary donations?

Donating your car to charity can go an incredibly long way toward helping children in need.

Give to Africa is dedicated to saving millions of children’s lives. Your car donation makes it possible for NGOs skilled field staff and team of professionals to implement key strategies in crisis situations and in places with ongoing need. We have been putting children first, working to protect their rights and provide the assistance and services they need, employing simple, affordable and innovative solutions to some of the most complicated problems children face – all of which can be helped greatly with your automobile donation.

Why donate to Car Donation Programs in Africa?

Your car donation makes a personal difference to so many; from birthing kits to help women have safe deliveries, to delivering vaccines to children worldwide, to portable School-in-a-Box kits to make classes possible almost anywhere.

The work of Give to Africa extends beyond the boundaries of other organizations and will go a long way toward providing transportation assistance to those in need as helped by your vehicle donation.

You can be sure that your car donation will go to an organization whose mission will continue until no more children die needlessly, anywhere. Give to Africa will ensure that your car donation charity will be used to the fullest effect.

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What types of vehicle donation programs are in Africa?

They are very few car donation programs in Africa, but among the best car donation programs is run by Give to Africa. Where we ensure your car donations are used effectively and efficiently by NGOs in Africa.

Why your car donation is just the beginning:

Give to Africa car donation program is just one facet of the Africa movement to save children’s lives and help vulnerable families.

Donating your car to Give to Africa is the fast, easy, way to ensure that your dollars reach children in need. Give to Africa organization is dedicated to bringing lasting changes to Africa. Give to Africa program maximizes every contribution and makes cars for kids a reality.