birthday gift donation to charity

birthday gift donation to charity

What is a donation birthday gift?

donation birthday gift is when you ask friends and family for a donation to charity in lieu of birthday gift giving. You can ask your loved ones to make a donation birthday gift through any of the methods below, and it’s a fantastic way to make your celebrations even more meaningful. As fun as birthdays are, everyone worries a little about what to buy or receiving things they don’t particularly want. A donation to charity in lieu of birthday gift giving means every present is a truly amazing one.

How to ask for charity donations instead of birthday gifts

Asking for money can always be a sensitive issue, even if it is for a good cause, but there are several ways to make a birthday gift donation to charity that are easy for everyone.

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Ask people to donate directly

If you don’t plan to have a party, you can simply send around an email asking people to make a donation birthday gift if they so wish. Our donation page gives several options, including making a donation on behalf of someone or choosing to make it a continuous monthly donation instead of a one-off, so your loved ones can choose how much and how often they wish to donate. 

How much should I ask for in a donation birthday gift?

Every donation matters, and we are grateful to anyone who has taken the time to give what they can. Our donation page includes information on how certain costs can be covered by specific donation amounts, but there is absolutely no obligation to give these amounts. Everyone has different circumstances, and you certainly don’t want the good to be taken out of your decision to ask for a donation to charity in lieu of birthday gift-giving. Don’t pressure people to give an unreasonable amount, simply ask them to give what they can, if they feel able.

Thank you

Our supporters play a vital role in transforming the lives of Africans. We hope you have a very happy birthday, and thank you for your generosity.