best small charities to donate to.

Which are the best small charities to donate to.

5 things I can donate to the best small charities.

best small charities
best small charities to donate to

Are you looking for the best small charities to donate to? Are you wondering how to contact the best small charities? Give to Africa is one of the best small charities organization based in Kenya but with operations across Africa that you can donate to. Our organization is still one of the best small charities to donate to, but passionate about transforming and bettering the lives of people across Africa.

Over the time we have been operating, we have reached thousands of people across Kenya and different parts of Africa. Our ability to touch lives has been enabled, by the many donors who offer their support through different forms of donations. Their generosity has ranked us as one of the best small charities to donate to.

As one of the best small charities, we take the responsibility to ensure that all of your donations go to the most deserving people. We partner with other people to identify the groups in need. Our partners help us distribute donations transparently and efficiently. Being one of the best small charities to donate to, we are open to receive donations of any type and quantity.

We channel our donations towards public schools, slums/informal settlements, marginalized areas, dry and semi-arid areas where agriculture cannot do well, pastoral communities, rescue centers for girls and young children, poor households, orphans, widows, children’s homes, street children and families, the hospitals, people living with disabilities, people living with terminal illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancer and areas affected by natural disasters such as floods, fire, and famine. We offer financial support to students through bursaries and support other areas of their academics.

We are also one of the best small charities that supports young entrepreneurs and women who have the business ideas, skills, and craft but do not have the financial ability to start and run their businesses.

If you are looking for the best small charities to donate to, any of the following listed items and more, then give to Africa is the charity organization for you.

  • Food items

We accept food items particularly in form of cereals and other cooking items. Our food donations are distributed to famine-hit areas, children’s homes, and other people in dire need of food. The majority of Africa’s population cannot afford to have three healthy meals per day. As one of the best small charities, we ensure that we identify gaps in food distribution and in areas that are ignored by the bigger and already fully established charity organizations. If you are looking for the best small charities to donate food items, we accept food items in any quantity and distribute them to those in need.

  • Educational materials.

The quality of education in Africa is still lagging behind. There is a large number of children and young people in the quest for knowledge. However, the resources may not be enough to cater to the entire population. Being one of the best small charities, we provide; books, writing materials, textbooks, desks and chairs, curriculum activities materials such as school equipment, and everything else needed in a school setting.

Education For African Children

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Across sub-Saharan Africa, children are not receiving the education they deserve.

Without classrooms they are forced to study under trees. Without clean water and toilets they get ill and miss school, and girls are unable to deal with their periods with dignity.

When you donate to GivetoAfrica, you directly support our work with remote and rural school communities across Kenya and Uganda. You help us ensure that vulnerable children get the right infrastructure, teaching and family support so they can get the most from their time at school and go on to lead productive, healthy and happy lives.

We believe in the power of education to help end poverty. But, without the dedicated support of people just like you, we couldn’t deliver our vital work that fights inequality.

Donate to help children in Africa now. It could be the most powerful thing you do today.

We aim to raise funds to support school infrastructure as well. If you are looking to partner with the best small charities to donate academic-related materials, we are welcome to have you on board.

  • Funds.

You can donate monetary funds to our charity to support different courses. Our funds act as a relief to different areas such as hunger, diseases, COVID, education, poverty, and shelter. Over time people have donated to our charity thus enabling us to work and complete numerous projects in support of the less privileged. If you are in Kenya, Africa, or any part of the world and you have the desire to donate, then we are a charity near you that you can donate to.

  • Clothing.

If you are looking to donate clothes either because you are decluttering your closet, collecting from others, or purchasing new ones you can reach to us. If you are in search of the best small charities, to donate to clothes of any kind then you can choose our charity. We receive clothing donations for different groups; male, female, young people, and children. Our charity organization distributes the donated clothing items to those in need. We channel our donated clothes to street children, orphanages, schools in poverty-stricken areas, and other marginalized areas.

If you are in Kenya, Africa, or any other part of the world, and in search of the best small charities to donate to, then you can reach out to our organization.

Donate Clothes to Africa

Give to Africa does not only turn your unwanted items into cash to help people in crisis across Sub-Saharan Africa, we also send large amount of clothes to Africa. We donate all clothes we send to Africa to help victims of poverty. Please give us your unwanted clothes so that we can help vulnerable people.

How to Donate Clothes to African Children

The images from Africa on your television screen can be heart-wrenching: children suffering from hunger, disease and malnutrition; families in overcrowded refugee camps, dislocated from their homes because of war or natural disasters; and abandoned children in one of the many AIDS orphanages. One need these children all share is for clean, weather-appropriate clothing. Whether you collect and send used clothing via aid organizations or missionaries or donate funds for such groups to purchase clothing locally, you can easily provide clothing to children in need in Africa.

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  • Medical Equipment.

Most developing countries especially in Africa do not have access to advanced medical equipment. Our charity looks for and accepts donations in medical equipment to help a patient’s access to good health care in hospitals. If you are wondering whether there are best small charities that you can donate medical equipment to then you can reach out to our charity organization. We accept and distribute various medical equipment such as dialysis machines, cancer screening machines, diabetes testing machines, x-ray machines, surgical equipment, and other related machines.

Donate to Hospitals in Africa

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If you have any medical equipment and in search of the best small charities to donate to, you can reach to us.

Mentioned above are some of the things that our charity is involved in. The charity accepts anything in form of donation as long as it is meant to improve to others.  As one of the best small charities to donate to within the African region, we look forward to receiving your support.