best charities to donate to for children

What you should know about the best charities to donate to for children.

best charities to donate to for children
best charities to donate to for children

Are you looking for the best charities to donate to for children?  Our charity is one of the best charities to donate to for children and we invite you to donate to us as we improve children’s lives across Africa. Children are the future of tomorrow. They are the leaders, they are the champions for a better life in the future. Children are a gift from God. Identifying best charities to donate to for children makes you one of the champions for children’s rights and a part of their future dreams.

As one of the best charities to donate to for children, we give aid to millions of children who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances. Children are innocent beings, however, they have found themselves at the mercy of irresponsible, cruel, and inhumane adult behavior. Children’s lives are also distracted by natural disasters and unfortunate occurrences in their lives.

Being one of the best charities to donate to for children, we identify children that have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances that impair their growth, deny them their basic human rights thus presenting a threat to a bright future.

As one of the best charities to donate to for children, we look into children affected by several issues. Our charity organization seeks to help children in the following categories.

  • Children who have lost both or one of their parents and not financially stable
  • Children are affected by natural calamities such as droughts, floods, earthquakes, fire, and other misfortunes.
  • Children living in marginalized areas
  • Children affected by civil wars
  • Children living in refugee camps
  • Children living in rescue centers and orphanages
  • Street children
  • Children growing up in slums/informal settlements
  • Children with disabilities
  • Children from poor backgrounds

Being one of the best charities to donate to for children, we partner with you and other stakeholders in our team to look out for children in the following areas. What are some of the items we accept as one of the best charities to donate to for children?

  • Food.

Food and particularly a healthy meal is the most basic need in a children’s life. However, most children particularly in Africa and other third world countries do not have the access to have a healthy meal at least three times a day. Our charity aims to help children experiencing food shortages have access to full meals. We accept donations in any food form particularly cereals and other cooking items.

Donate to charity water projects in Africa

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As you read this, children in Darfur villages in Sudan are walking for hours across the desert in search of water. They are missing school, childhood, and are in danger of being attacked on their journey as violence increases in Darfur.

There is water, but it is underground – if only families could afford a hand pump. Kids for Kids is determined to help by building clean water handpumps as close to villages as possible. Please will you help us provide clean water to children?


Imagine you are 9 years old. Every day you miss school because you have to walk for 7 hours across scorching sand to fetch the water you and your younger brothers and sisters need to stay alive.

You are thirsty, you are scared – what if you are attacked, or get lost in a sandstorm? You reach the hand pump, and have to queue. Finally, you face the long walk back – this time with a heavy Jerry Can. If only you had a pump in your village – there is water, but it is too deep underground to dig for.


Kids for Kids is the only charity dedicated to helping the children of Darfur. We have adopted 100 villages so far, helping over 550,000 people. Among our many grassroots projects, we install clean water handpumps in this troubled region where many other charities refuse to work or are not allowed to operate.

We fence in our handpumps to keep animals away to keep the water clean and add a trough outside the fence so that they too can drink! We provide water carts and jerrycans to store water.

Long-Term Impact

We train village committees and set up local funding mechanisms so that repairs can be carried out and the water can keep flowing long term. This is real sustainable change.

Once the handpump is working, children no longer have to walk for water and can go to school. This transforms their entire future.

Families can plant trees and grow vegetables, breaking the cycle of starvation and lifting them out of poverty. Your gift of water truly is the gift of life – long term – for children in Darfur.

We do our research as well as partner with other stakeholders and well-wishers to identify children in dire need of food. We would not consider ourselves as one of the best charities to donate to for children, if we did not prioritize a full stomach for our children. We invite you to be part of our passion.

  • Clothes.

Good and clean clothes are a sign of basic human decency. As one of the best charities to donate to for children, we receive clothes and distribute them to children who are in need. Our clothes are distributed to children who have tattered clothes or do not have enough, especially street children, rescue centers, and orphanages. If you are looking for children’s clothes, then we are the best charity.

Donate Clothes to Africa

Give to Africa does not only turn your unwanted items into cash to help people in crisis across Sub-Saharan Africa, we also send large amount of clothes to Africa. We donate all clothes we send to Africa to help victims of poverty. Please give us your unwanted clothes so that we can help vulnerable people.

How to Donate Clothes to African Children

The images from Africa on your television screen can be heart-wrenching: children suffering from hunger, disease and malnutrition; families in overcrowded refugee camps, dislocated from their homes because of war or natural disasters; and abandoned children in one of the many AIDS orphanages. One need these children all share is for clean, weather-appropriate clothing. Whether you collect and send used clothing via aid organizations or missionaries or donate funds for such groups to purchase clothing locally, you can easily provide clothing to children in need in Africa.

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  • Education

Education is key to the future. Most children may not have access to this key or get the quality key.  We support children’s education through textbooks, writing materials, uniforms, curriculum materials such as sports equipment and art equipment. We also accept donations to promote the school infrastructure. Being one of the best charities to donate to for children, we are passionate on promoting children’s education and we invite you to share in our passion.

Education For African Children

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Across sub-Saharan Africa, children are not receiving the education they deserve.

Without classrooms they are forced to study under trees. Without clean water and toilets they get ill and miss school, and girls are unable to deal with their periods with dignity.

When you donate to GivetoAfrica, you directly support our work with remote and rural school communities across Kenya and Uganda. You help us ensure that vulnerable children get the right infrastructure, teaching and family support so they can get the most from their time at school and go on to lead productive, healthy and happy lives.

We believe in the power of education to help end poverty. But, without the dedicated support of people just like you, we couldn’t deliver our vital work that fights inequality.

Donate to help children in Africa now. It could be the most powerful thing you do today.

  • Funds.

As one of the best charities to donate to for children, we accept monetary funds to be used towards different courses. We channel money received to support children’s education through scholarship, to build decent homes, to offer quality medical care to children such as medicine, to promote schools infrastructural projects, to purchase special equipment for special children and those living with disabilities, and to build facilities for children in ruler areas, marginalized communities and slums.

Our accepted donations for children are not limited to what we have named above. We accept any form of children’s donation as long as it is intended to promote children’s wellbeing. We look forward to receiving your donations. We believe we are one of the best charities to donate to for children, to take part in their health and quality growth.