Best car donation for veterans

Best car donation for veterans

Turn your vehicle into resources that help ensure our nation’s heroes have the opportunity to enjoy the freedoms their sacrifices have made possible.

When you donate a car to veterans, you become the hero of the heroes of America. Today, we help you make a positive impact to veterans in Africa who made alot of contribution in the United States.

Best Charities to Donate a Car to Veterans

Wars mean pain and sacrifice, not only for the soldiers and military personnel that participate in them but also for their beloved ones who live the anguish of not seeing their families together again. Wars bring consequences that are impossible to forget or erase, those who fight for an ideal not always return in the same physical and psychological conditions they had when they entered the wars. But if we look at the bright side, nonprofit organizations such as Give to Africa contribute to honor the veterans in Africa that risked their lives for America.

Donate a Car to Africa

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Your car donation helps benefit disabled veterans throughout the United States. The proceeds from your donation help to fund programs that provide services offered to veterans in need of assistance and support. Since 2010, Car Donation Foundation’s vehicle donation programs have made contributions of more than $92 million to worthy charities that now include charities serving our disabled veterans. Your donation to CDF’s Vehicles For Veterans campaign will allow CDF to continue to provide contributions to those important charities.