Best African charities to donate to

Best African charities to donate to

Charitable Donations to Help People in Africa Many generous, kind-hearted people want to help improve the lives of people in Africa. They are moved by the media reports showing poverty, disease, and violence. They may not realize that plenty of unscrupulous actors out there are eager to take your donations under the guise of helping African people. African charities to donate to

As a charitable giver, you need to make sure your donations will go to recipients who need it, rather than a corrupt government or sham charity. The best way to do that is to find one or two reputable charities that will make sure your donation gets to the people who need it.

How To Pick The Best African Charities To Donate To

Tips for Making Sure the African Charity Deserves Your


When you want to donate money or goods to an African charity, make sure your donations will go to a worthy group. Don’t be taken in by photos of starving children. Do a little homework. Look for a charity that has established an essential presence on the continent with a proven record of success on its mission. Below are things you should look into before you send your money or other donations to any African charity: Best African charities to donate to

  1. Visit the charity’s website.

Check the group’s website for information about its mission, a list of the board of directors, and its latest financial reports. If the charity does not have that information posted on its website, the problem may be that the charity is not transparent and you probably do not want to donate your money to it. Find out if the charity is supported through partnerships with other reputable organizations.

Donate to charity water projects in Africa

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As you read this, children in Darfur villages in Sudan are walking for hours across the desert in search of water. They are missing school, childhood, and are in danger of being attacked on their journey as violence increases in Darfur.

There is water, but it is underground – if only families could afford a hand pump. Kids for Kids is determined to help by building clean water handpumps as close to villages as possible. Please will you help us provide clean water to children?


Imagine you are 9 years old. Every day you miss school because you have to walk for 7 hours across scorching sand to fetch the water you and your younger brothers and sisters need to stay alive.

You are thirsty, you are scared – what if you are attacked, or get lost in a sandstorm? You reach the hand pump, and have to queue. Finally, you face the long walk back – this time with a heavy Jerry Can. If only you had a pump in your village – there is water, but it is too deep underground to dig for.


Kids for Kids is the only charity dedicated to helping the children of Darfur. We have adopted 100 villages so far, helping over 550,000 people. Among our many grassroots projects, we install clean water handpumps in this troubled region where many other charities refuse to work or are not allowed to operate.

We fence in our handpumps to keep animals away to keep the water clean and add a trough outside the fence so that they too can drink! We provide water carts and jerrycans to store water.

Long-Term Impact

We train village committees and set up local funding mechanisms so that repairs can be carried out and the water can keep flowing long term. This is real sustainable change.

Once the handpump is working, children no longer have to walk for water and can go to school. This transforms their entire future.

Families can plant trees and grow vegetables, breaking the cycle of starvation and lifting them out of poverty. Your gift of water truly is the gift of life – long term – for children in Darfur.

  1. Evaluate the charity’s mission statement. The mission statement should clearly articulate what the charity wants to accomplish. Make sure the charity’s work is consistent with its mission statement. Ideally, you will want to donate to a charity that spends at least 65 percent of their total expenses on their charitable mission and no more than 35 percent of their contributions on fundraising. Best African charities to donate to
  2. Review the charity’s use of the donations. Among the most important documents you should look for is IRS form 990 or 990EZ. Charities that have total revenue of more than $50,000 are required to file these forms unless the charity is a house of worship. These tax forms provide important information about how much money the charity raises and how it spends its money. You also can find form 990s at the charity information site GuideStar (free registration required).
  3. Find a charity whose mission interests you. If you focus on a project area that especially interests you, finding a worthy charity will be an easier job. Once you identify a project area, you can concentrate on the charities that focus on that mission. If a Christian missionary purpose interests you consider a charity that is trying to end the water crisis and bring the Gospel to the West African country of Liberia. Best African charities to donate to
  4. Research the charity’s accreditation. Determine if the charity is accredited by reliable philanthropic accrediting associations. A charity like Give to Africa is certified transparent and accredited by a number of important accrediting associations.
  5. Learn the story behind the charity’s origin. Find a charity whose origin touches your heart. A perfect example is Give to Africa. It was created in 2008 by Christian young adults at a church in Washington D.C.
  6. Work with a charity that works with many partners. Successful charities like Give to Africa leverage their fundraising efforts through numerous business and religious partners in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. Several partners of Give to Africa provide matching grants and sponsor cost sharing programs.
Best African charities to donate to

Contact Give to Africa for More Information

Give to Africa is a non governmental organization that help communities in Africa. Your donations can help keep its important work alive.