African charities to Donate to

African charities to Donate to

African charities to Donate to

Some of the African charities to donate to include Give to Africa. Give to Africa have stood the test of times to ensure your donations reach the less fortunate in Africa.

Why should we donate to Africa?

Many individuals living in sub-Saharan Africa suffer from basic problems including inadequate health care, insufficient food, or lack of access to clean water.

Your donation Provide impoverished African communities with access to essentials like education, water, food & medicine. When you make a donation to Give to Africa, you‘re giving someone the opportunity to better their life with knowledge and skills needed to thrive.

Donate Today and make an impact on someones life.

Improving the status of girls in Africa

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The poverty cycle can be broken when girls stay in school. An innovative solution has proven to be key: sustainable menstrual health she can count on. With it, she can avoid infection, shame, exploitation, early marriage, and even trafficking. Your support of this project provides girls quality washable sanitary pads and important reproductive health, hygiene, self-defense and sewing training. Girls, families and communities are empowered as leaders and sewing cooperatives gain income and skill.


Millions of impoverished girls face days with no access to safe menstrual health solutions. Girls turn to unsanitary methods including leaves, bark, newspapers, rocks, and corn cobs, and in some cases allow themselves to be exploited out of desperation for supplies. According to many studies, the provision of safe menstrual health solutions directly decreases dropout rates for girls that have reached the age of menstruation.


Girls will receive DfG Kits (washable pads) they can count on for 2 – 3 years. Women and girls learn to make kits within their own communities and then distribute and provide health training, while also training local sewing cooperatives and schoolgirls to make kits themselves. In addition to the personal benefits of receiving a DfG Kit, the community economy is enriched as training, tools, and capital become dedicated to expanding access to menstrual health solutions.

Long-Term Impact

Girls remain in school, allowing them to have access to continuous education and sustainable solutions. This effects current and future generations of women and men, playing an imperative role in breaking the cycle of poverty. Communities are empowered to discuss and provide menstrual health and sanitation for themselves and others. One woman recently said, “It is as if it is taboo to be a woman.” This program changes that with simple, direct and effective solutions that empower.